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Recurve Bow For Beginners You Must Try

Recurve Bow For Beginners You Must Try

It is fair to say that recurve bows are one of the most versatile bows out there. And the reason for that? Well, they are great for everyone from the level of a beginner to a professional. Moreover, they are lightweight as well as easily transportable, and as a bonus, they work more efficiently than the bulkier longbow. In other words, every reason mentioned above is enough to convince you that you really can’t go wrong with a recurve bow. That being said, there are many different types of recurve bows out there, some of which are better than others.

So, if you happen to be in the market in search of recurve bows for beginners, keep on reading the reviews of some of the most popular models available for choosing the right one for you, which will respond to your needs and requirements.


Bear Archery Super Kodiak Recurve Bow

Just under $550, the Bear Archery Super Kodiak should be on the radar of every intermediate-to-expert level of archers out there.

The Super Kodiak is adorned with beautiful design, and once in your hands, you’ll be able to appreciate its shooting accuracy and efficiency.

This 60-inch long recurve bow is ideal for several purposes, such as bowhunting as well as for field or target archery.

Southwest Archery Spyder

The Southwest Archery Spyder bow boasts with its quality as well as perfect compatibility aligned with the needs of a beginner to intermediate level archers.

This bow is an upgrade of the Samick Sage and comes with several more features packed in. The Southwest Archery Spyder consists of a stringer, an arrow rest, a riser, as well as upgradability for a variety of accessories. Depending on the size of it, this 64-inch bow can cost you around $150.


PSE Razorback Recurve Bow

This one hundred dollar PSE Razorback is one-size-fits-all kind of recurve bow.

With 6 feet long and 1.8 pounds heavy, this bow is lightweight, making it a little bit on the bulkier side. The bow is made from a solid piece of wood and is not collapsible. It also doesn’t come with any accessories. However, PSE makes several of them which are available for purchase so you can buy any kind of it which is to your liking.

The PSE Razorback may seem no-frills, but for a beginner level archer, this is the one you need. So look no further and choose this quality bow, which will further spark your passion and help you to demonstrate your skills efficiently.


Obert Archery Takedown Recurve Bow

The Obert Archery Takedown Bow is a budget bow with a draw weight of up to 60 pounds. At just over $100, this is a heavy duty option for the level of beginners on up. Made of fiberglass, this bow consists of only the bow and string, so you are the one responsible for purchasing and installing accessories separately.

So If you’re looking for a no-frills bow that can easily fit into your budget, this may be the best option for you.

Samick Sage

The Samick Sage comes in a variety of sizes, making it an excellent option for smaller archers.

The price of the bow varies depending on its size, but it’s generally in the ranges of $100 to $150. The Samick Sage bow is also complete with an arrow rest as well as a B-50 bowstring.

Additionally, It’s easily compatible with the Samick Sage Hunting Kit, a kit including many other useful accessories for the bow.

Mandarin Duck Phantom

At $100, the Mandarin Duck Phantom recurve bow is another budget-friendly option. This one, however, is collapsible, making it easier to transport.

The Mandarin Duck Phantom comes with a bow length of 56 inches and a maximum draw length of 29 inches, making it a bow that is geared towards smaller archers. Still, it’s very rare to find a collapsible recurve bow in a budget-friendly price range.

Final Thoughts

As a beginner, making your first steps in the field of archery, it is best that before purchasing a bow, it’s important to acquire a necessary amount of information about the type of bow, including its features and design, while keeping your skill level and budget in mind. So depending on your requirements, any of the recurve bows on this list will function as a great choice to your archery collection, enriching it with a perfect new bow.

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