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Compound Bows You Must Try Before Buying

Compound Bows You Must Try Before Buying

When it comes to selecting the right compound bow to suit your needs, the choice can be a little overwhelming as there are so many on the market to choose from. There is no better way of doing this than holding a bow in your hand, trying its strength, and seeing how it feels. But it also helps to have a better idea of what to look out for before doing this. So here’s a quick guide on some of the compound bows that are popular with archery enthusiasts today, which will help you focus on the key points and select your own bow with more confidence.

PSE Full Throttle Compound Bows

Explicitly designed with hunting in mind, this is one of the fastest compound bows available, with a top speed of 370 feet per second. The draw weight of the Full Throttle is between 50 and 70 pounds, with a draw length of 24 to 30 inches. This robust but relatively lightweight bow (4.1 pounds) features a ‘let-off’ of 70%, and most models retail at around the $1,100 mark, so are generally aimed at expert bowhunters.


Raptor Compound Bows

For an all-round, good-quality, versatile bow for adults or children, you can’t go far wrong with the Raptor. Retailing at $250, the kit includes everything you need to get started – except for arrows. It is fully adjustable, with a draw length between 24.5 to 31 inches, making it perfect for archers of all heights. With a draw weight between 30 and 70 pounds and a speed of 315 feet per second, it is an excellent choice for beginners, whether children or adults.


Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro

Another excellent option for anyone starting out, or perhaps those who have taken a break from the sport, this $330 bow comes in a kit that has all you need, except for the arrows. This is an ideal choice for those with longer arms as it features an extended draw length, with a draw weight between 5 and 70 pounds. Overall, it is easy to operate and comes at an attractive price for beginners.


Genesis Original Kit

An ideal starter kit for those who are just beginning their journey into archery. With a let-off of 0%, it really is suitable for all ages, as the entire draw weight is held by the bow as the string is pulled back. The kit includes aluminum arrows as well as an arm guard and retails at around $200. It weighs a little over 3.5 pounds and has an adjustable draw weight of between 10 and 20 pounds. All these excellent features make it an ideal choice for beginners.


Bear Archery Cruzer G2

There are several different styles of Cruzer, including one for the younger archer, a lightweight model, and the G2. A ‘ready-to-hunt’ package is available at a price of $400, which includes a whisker biscuit, stabilizer, sight assistance, as well as a quiver. If you are looking for a lightweight bow with excellent top speed, the Cruzer G2 is a great choice, weighing just 3 pounds and with a high speed of 315 feet per second.


Final Thoughts About Compound Bows

This list represents just a few bows in the full range available on the market, but it should help to steer you towards choosing one that is right for you. Selecting a suitable bow requires a good deal of serious consideration, whether you are a beginner or have experience of archery and have just discovered compound bows. It makes sense to think about the issues such as; Where will the bow be used? For what purpose will it be used? (for example, for hunting or target shooting)Is the bow suitable for your height and frame? Is the bow too powerful for your current skill level? How do you plan to use it? What is your budget?

Once you have thought through all the different aspects that might affect your choice, you will feel better equipped to head out with confidence and purchase your compound bow. When you have it in your hand, you’ll know it is the right one for you. Then you can enjoy your sport safe in the knowledge that you have chosen wisely.

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