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Bows and Arrows – An Overview On Archery Types

Bows And Arrows – An Overview On Archery Types

Archery is one of the best individual sports out there, and although it may seem like just bows and arrows, the reality is that this sport has many things to offer. Different types of archery are practiced currently, there are some best suited for beginners and others for experts. If you want to enroll in archery but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading.


Basically it’s like regular hunting, but you use a bow instead of a rifle. This type of archery often takes place in the woods where bowhunters set up a camp and puts in practice your patience and persistence in the wait of prey. Additionally, it’s also important to know how to remain silent to avoid scaring the prey, which are commonly deers and rabbits.

Bowhunting is also practiced in the water to hunt for fish, being known better as Bow Fishing. Bowhunters typically use either a compound or a recurve bow.

Target Archery

Target archery is one of the most fun and popular styles of archery. Consists in setting up static targets at a short distance and practicing shooting them, making it ideal for beginners to develop their skills. However, target archery is the discipline performed in the Olympics, so is not exclusive for beginners.

Popular bow choices to practice target archery are the compound, recurve, and barebow; although, it can involve almost any bows and Arrows.

Field Archery

Field archery takes target archery to the next level. Consists in setting up targets along a course in the woods, making it more challenging as the targets could be placed behind obstacles, up or down a hill, or at an angle. The contestants have to shoot the targets as they walk along the course.

Participants frequently choose compound, recurve, or barebow as their bow for this fun and challenging style.

3D Archery

3D archery makes field archery to feel even more real, as it changes boring old bullseyes for 3D targets with the shapes of animals. These realistic targets are set up across a course as well for participants to practice shooting at them as they walk through the field. It’s an ideal style for archers interested in bowhunting.

During competitions, archers normally have 40 targets to hit, each target bears scoring rings where vital organs usually take place. The closer to the center the arrow lands, the more points the archer is credited.

Compound and recurve bow are the most typical choices in 3D archery; however, others feel comfortable with a longbow in this style.


Clout Archery

Clout archery shares some similarities with target archery – – basically, a target is placed on a field for participants to shoot at it. The main difference is the positioning of the target – – in contrast with field archery, in clout archery, the bullseye is placed flat on the ground. The goal is to still hit the target with the added difficulty of arcing your arrow as you shoot.

For this style of archery, the recurve bow is the most commonly used.

Flight Archery

Flight archery tests your accuracy to the maximum level. In this style of archery, the targets are placed as far as possible to participants still try to hit them with their arrows. Flight archery is largely used among archers to improve their overall accuracy. Usually, participants use a specialized flight bow to perform their shots in this style. Nevertheless, a typical recurve bow works great as well.

For safety, the field must be totally clear from people before the participants shoot an arrow. Only the judges, archers and field assistants are allowed on the shooting field.

Traditional Bows and Arrows Archery

A bow, a target, and you. Traditional archery involves just the basics of the sport, as it is performed with a traditional bow without the benefits of modern technology. This style embraces features of other types of archery like bowhunting and target archery. The main difference relays in the use of a traditional bow without stabilizers or assistance of any kind.


Archery is a really fun and competitive sport to participate in, yet, is often undermined by many people. It’s not necessary to have major skills to enroll in this entertaining activity. Just pick up a bow and start shooting some arrows if you consider that archery can be the sport for you.

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